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Wig F.A.Q.


What does Heat Resistant Fiber Mean?

This means that you can use a low - medium setting on most heating tools, but please test this on a small piece of the wig as tools can vary. The fiber that I use is henlon to keep the tangling to a minimum and a heat resistance of 400F.

How do I brush my wig?

The best way to brush your wig is to use a wide tooth comb or a specific wig brush with metal teeth in small sections from the bottom to top.

My wig is very tangled is there anyway to fix it?

Invest in a bottle of sheen spray. I have these for sale in my wig care tab or you can buy them at your local beauty supply store. Spritz your wig and start combing in small sections from bottom to top, if you are still having an issue then you can try deep conditioning your wig.

How do I style a spiked wig?

This is a long process if you have any detailed questions or would like a wig styled for you let me know at commissions@tawniebow.com...the quick of it is to use a styling glue my personal preference is Got2B and set it with a hair dryer.

How do I store my wig?

For short wigs place on a wig stand/head and place a plastic bag over it for safe keeping.

For long wigs use small elastics making sections rather than braiding for easier wear without having to detangle prior to your next wear

For any other wig care or styling questions let me know tawnie@tawniebow.com


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